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Keyswitch Break-in Machine MK.2 (reserving for batch 4)

Keyswitch Break-in Machine MK.2 (reserving for batch 4)

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Introducing the Newly Revamped Keyswitch Break-in Machine!

Experience our newest rendition of our famous keyswitch break-in machine, featuring robust aluminum sheet metal and CNC construction, beautifully laser-etched logo and lettering with anodized finish, integrated microcontroller and power-delivery PCB for wireless command and control, and improved off-center actuation capacity and capabilities with injection-molded silicone angle inserts.

Built to Last

Made with durable and precise sheet metal construction, we strive to avoid the previous pitfalls associated with our past 3D printed machine construction - with nearly every part made with high-quality 5052 aluminum alloy and stainless-steel screw construction.

Our use of high-quality linear rails and CNC construction provide for a smoother operation of switch actuation while also providing reliable and repeatable results for our customers.

Improved Connectivity

Our purpose-built power delivery board has been completely reworked from the ground up, featuring support for legacy motors on GEN3 and GEN3.5 machines as well as DC barrel jack input. Variable speed control and programmable cycles/timer are also featured with the new PCB.

Optional OLED screen and dedicated microcontroller unit provide a user-friendly experience when using our machine - simple WIFI controlled machine input allow you to control and monitor your machine from anywhere!

Capacity Expansion

Our latest break-in machine sets a new standard with a staggering 100 switch capacity per batch, capable of handling even the most demanding workloads.

Our latest break-in machine takes off-center actuation to the next level with newly designed silicone molded inserts that are easy to replace and provide a gentler actuation than our previous models. With these changes, you can enjoy full off-center actuation capabilities without compromising our 100-switch capacity.

Acoustic Profile

Our latest break-in machine also features integrated adjustable sound-dampening foam options which allow the new machine to be as quiet if not quieter than the old machine!

Customer Feedback

In the spirit of the holiday season, we would like to thank you all so much for your continued support of our business and of our products - without our community support and feedback we would not have been able to provide what we hope to be another excellent product for the mechanical keyboard community.

Further Product Details and Documentation will be coming soon!

Machine specs: 12V input, 21120 actuations / hour

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sheryl Gebo
the GOAT

Criminally underpriced, this machine has quality rarely seen in the keyboard community. Follow the "dry-run" process to break in the motor and enjoy breaking in your switches with a machine full of features and design choices that we don't deserve.

These guys are the real deal.

Jonathon L.
Best of the best

Best break in machine hands down


Was really happy with the 3d printed version even if I had to replace the parts now and then. When paired with great customer service it really didn’t matter. So when the new one came out I was a little unsure about purchasing another at a higher cost. My old machine worked and on top of that only saw occasional use.

However it became clear that it was only hesitation. The new machines build quality and added utility by far makes this easily a bespoke best solution. If it were mass manufactured I’d be afraid they diminish it in someway as to cut corners to save money.

Love that people’s ideas from the discord server got put into this project. thanks for listening and bringing this to market


This is the last break-in machine I will ever need. Simple design, but built like a tank 😤 Do yourself a favor and pick this up while it's stull on sale, as it's a steal!!!