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Break-in Machine GEN2 to GEN3.5 Conversion Kit

Break-in Machine GEN2 to GEN3.5 Conversion Kit

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Mechanical Keyboard Automated Keyswitch Break-In Machine

GEN2 to GEN3.5 conversion kit

Use kit to convert a GEN2 to GEN3/GEN3.5 Machine

This kit features:

  • GEN3 Motor mount
  • GEN3 Motor
  • USB-C Boost converter chip (wires included with motor)
  • GEN3 CAM
  • 2mm Hex Key (added option)

GEN3 motors are not compatible with the GEN2 mount and GEN2 cam due to a different motor diameter and cam interface. The GEN3 cam uses a set screw while the GEN2 cam uses a pin inserted through the cam plus a retaining clip


GEN2, GEN3, and GEN3.5 Machines use 2 M3 screws on each side which attach the motor mount to the main body of the machine

GEN1 Machines which use the dovetail (screwless) design are not compatible with this conversion kit and a new machine is needed

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