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DingKey Designs LLC

Utility Blade Scraper Tool

Utility Blade Scraper Tool

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Introducing our state-of-the-art 3D printed utility blade scraper tool – a compact and user-friendly solution for all your cutting and scraping needs!

This tool allows for a secure fitment of standard utility blades that can be found at any hardware store, allows for easy one-handed cap removal, and comes with an integrated Allen key in one convenient sleek package fit for any toolbox or home improvement project!

The key to our non-slip blade design is the integration of stainless steel hex bolts which can be tightened to fasten the blade securely in place.

Our blade handle boasts a compact yet robust design, striking the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. Its ergonomic structure ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle, while its lightweight and stylish composition make it a standout addition to your toolkit.

When ordering please select dominant hand for cap removal.

Proudly Made in USA.
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